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Cold and Freezer Storage

Our Cold Storage facility was built to keep in mind of different businesses product and their warehouse requirement. Many food grade products are very temperature sensitive and to maintain the accurate temperature for quality control is very much necessary. If you are in Surrey, Cloverdale, Richmond, Vancouver or nearby city and want to rent, please call us to know more

Load to Load Transfer

Surrey Cold Storage provides LTL transportation solutions for many types of frozen and refrigerated products of different sensitive temperature. Our facilities and loading dock are divided according to different temperature requirement. So, whether shipment is for frozen or fresh and/or both in same trailer, we will take care of it from our doors to destination north and south.

In addition to Commercial Freezer and Cold Storage Space Rental and Warehouse facility. and standard loading/unloading services, we also offer same day cross docking at our bay doors. Cross docking reduces your costs as well as the time it takes for your product to reach your customers

About Surrey Cold Storage

Your Business success with our service of cold and freezer storage that every customer of you deserves, to keep things fresh.

When Cold and freezer Storage is a standard to maintain the quality of product, our central location between surrey, Cloverdale, Richmond, Vancouver deliver this promise with warm welcome of client’s requirement in friendly and attentive approach. Our leading-edge technology of cold storage warehouse not only build on latest technology but also represent our software to keep track of every client’s requirement in fast and convenient way for rental space. Call us anytime and allow us in get to know your business to assist in every possible service your business need in cold storage warehouse industry. We are committed to provide services that is not only advance but also improve the supply chain of our clients.

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Cold Storage daily price

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Our cold storage services are well maintained by our trained staff to keep the promise we are delivering by our latest temperature control technology.

Our Facility is located on highway 15, surrey. The facility was open to public to deliver what their customers deserve in terms of quality.

Location of our cold storage is not only convenient to lower mainland area but also customers of US- Canada border. Reach us today to allow us in explaining what we can deliver that your business looking for.

Accurate Temperature
24 hours Inventory Access
Documentation assistance

Reputation that deserve our mutual growth in any business you are in

We are committed to provide services that not only help us to grow but also the business partners connected with us. Our mutual relationship benefits the end users that look for services high in standard. Our convenient dock facility and loading, unloading professions will unload all the load to improve your business supply chain. Give us a try and see the difference in your growth.

First Class Facility

Our facility and services are fully integrated for the requirements of our customers’ supply chain management, Surrey Cold storage provide different services weather the requirement of -22’c or +5’c, we take care of it. Other services such as 3PL to CFIA inspections we allow to do on our property.

Full-filling the Client's Demand

Our facility provides seamlessly what your product is needed, whether it’s blast freezing or room freezing. Both requirements not only improve the product life but also help to lock-in the appearance and quality of your products.

Registered CFIA and HACCP certified

Our new equipment and technology is latest as per industry demands. Our cold storage temperature is maintained digitally by 24 hours on-site staff and temperature controllers and monitoring processes to make sure product is safe in consistent and stable environment.

Mutual Growth
AAA Standard Facility
Cater All Requirement

Inventory Management

Flexible WMS gives you multiple tracking options

Our job is to make cold and freezer storage easy and convenient for you, whether you’re a national grocer, a local produce grower or an individual requiring cold storage. It’s why we’ve gone out of our way to enable you to track your products through our fully integrated, EDI capable WMS (warehouse management system) by:

  • Pallet
  • Case
  • Unit
  • Lot number and/or serial number

That's right!

Frequently Asked Question

Simply Fillup the contact Form with all information and your requirement. We will contact you within 6 hours. Or your can call or fax us on +1604 5767508 or +1604 576 7528 respectively.


We accept online payment or wire transfer. For More information please contact our office phone number.

We are providing services to our Lower mainland area. LTL transfer and cross docking is worldwide service for any customer who wants to use our facility and staff at minimal cost.


Other than Cold storage and Logistics, you can avail the service of Load to Load transfer and cross dock service.




Payment isn’t advance however, it would be based on monthly or daily basis as per client requirement and convenience.


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